On Site Diagnostics of Diesel Pump Problems and Diesel Injector Problems

Diesel pump problems and diesel injectors problems can be diagnosed and repaired by our dedicated engineers on site in Sheffield. Our state of the art test bench allows us to diagnose your diesel injector problems and diesel pump problems. Once diagnosed and diesel injector testing is complete we can carry out repairs as required. Diesel injector cleaning is a major part of the process, but we will also remove and refit filters, stop solenoids, tank drain and clean and renew pipework.

We use the very latest in diesel injector testing and diesel injector repairs techniques and machinery. This includes diesel injector cleaning, needle grinding, reseating, nozzle flushing and pressure testing. All diesel pump problems and diesel injector problems are tested using our Hartridge 2500 test bench using up to date test plans.

At Sheaf Diesel Services we guarantee all work completed , so you can be assured of the highest quality of work and service at a very competitive rate.

Diesel Injector Testing & Diesel Injector Cleaning

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