Sheaf Diesel Services is committed to ensuring that our website is accessible and easy to use for the widest range of visitors possible, regardless of disability or impairment. We believe that this is an ongoing process and are constantly seeking to improve in this area.

The Sheaf Diesel Services website has been designed to adhere to best practice by following W3C standards and pages have been built to comply with a minimum standard of WCAG 2.0 single ‘A’ guidelines. Wherever possible we aim to extend this to ‘AA’ and ‘AAA’ compliance.

There are a number of steps that we have taken to address accessibility needs which are detailed below:


The Sheaf Diesel Services website has been created using HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control aesthetics and layout of the content, which validate to W3C standards.

Valid CSS3



Text size can be altered in most modern browsers by holding down Ctrl or the Apple Key on your keyboard and pressing (+) or (-) to increase or decrease the font size. You can also alter the text size by holding down Ctrl or the Apple Key and moving the wheel on your mouse to increase and decrease the font size. To reset your screen to the default setting hold down Ctrl or the Apple Key and press the zero (0) key on your keyboard.


All images used to represent graphical information we have tried to use descriptive alternative text.


Content across the site has been written and formatted to make it as accessible and easy to read as possible. This includes:

  • The use of headings which are descriptive and used to highlight sections of text on a page
  • Clear and easy to understand language
  • Descriptive/meaningful text used for links
  • Information is not conveyed exclusively through the use of colour (except for links)

Help With Navigation

All pages across the site have a consistent navigation menu to the left of the page. Links within the content are displayed in blue and underlined to help with identification.

Access Keys

Due to possible conflicts with personal access keys you may have set up on your computer, we have chosen not to install them on this site. However, efforts have been made to ensure that the site is as easy to navigate as possible.


We are committed to ensuring that the Sheaf Diesel Services website is as accessible as possible and welcome any comments, suggestions or feedback to help us improve the site. If you have any disabilities or you use assistive technology and are having problems accessing information on the site, please contact us via the form on the Contact Us page with details of any problems that you have encountered and the technology you are using and we will endeavour to correct the issue.

Further Information

Some useful information about improving  your web browsing experience can be found on the BBC’s My Web My Way website. Here you can find accessibility help to enable computer users to make the most of their internet experience whatever their ability or disability.